How are families like trees? How are children like caterpillars?

Containing age-appropriate analogies for key Relationships, Sex and Health Education topics, this book provides carefully constructed, memorable metaphors for teaching some of the trickiest concepts around relationships and sexual development.

Each toolkit opens with a story that draws comparisons between a common childhood experience and a conceptual RSHE topic. Learners are supported in breaking down the analogy, comparing each part of the familiar story to a new concept. Knowledge is deepened with matching games, extension activities and teaching tips.

The book includes:

  • Ready-made toolkits for the classroom
  • Printable activities to engage learners
  • Cross-curricular extension activities within each toolkit to support and enhance lesson plans
  • Clear teaching notes with advice for inclusive and accessible delivery that considers learners’ lived experiences

Crafted by RSHE experts, this off-the-shelf resource offers RSHE teachers, PSHE departments and other educators a thread of consistency across curricula to deliver a seamless learning experience in Key Stage Two and beyond. These skillfully crafted and age-appropriate metaphors are the perfect way to neutralise awkwardness, engage cross-curricular thinking and make learning stick.

part Section 1|4 pages

About this resource and its context

part Section 2|8 pages

How to use this resource

part Section 3|18 pages

What topics are included?

part Section 4|107 pages

The toolkits

chapter 1|7 pages


Families and people who care for me

chapter 2|7 pages


Healthy friendships

chapter 3|7 pages

Respecting difference


chapter 4|7 pages

Making friends online

Digital relationships

chapter 5|7 pages

What you find online

Appropriate online content

chapter 6|7 pages

Respecting all genders

Gender equality

chapter 7|7 pages

Secret or surprise

Voicing concerns

chapter 8|7 pages

Choosing for my body


chapter 9|7 pages

My amazing body

Private body parts

chapter 10|7 pages

Changing bodies


chapter 11|7 pages

Wet dreams

Nocturnal emissions

chapter 12|7 pages



chapter 13|7 pages


Romantic  relationships

chapter 14|7 pages

How a baby  is made


chapter 15|7 pages

When people have sex

Sexual activity