First published in 1954, A Handbook of Latin Literature is an attempt to put together a cohesive account of classical and early post-classical writings in the Latin tongue, and is a companion to the Handbook of Greek Literature. The book traces the history of Latin literature from the earliest times down to the death of St. Augustine, and tackles both theological and non-theological interests of Christian authors. This book will be of interest to students of history and literature.

chapter Chapter I|19 pages

The Background

chapter Chapter II|12 pages

The Beginnings

chapter Chapter III|38 pages

The Age of Ennius

chapter Chapter IV|19 pages

The Aftermath

chapter Chapter V|31 pages

The Development of Prose

chapter Chapter VI|36 pages

Lucretius and the New Poets

chapter Chapter VII|42 pages


chapter Chapter VIII|35 pages

Prose of Cicero's Time

chapter Chapter IX|62 pages

Vergil and Augustan Poetry

chapter Chapter X|28 pages

Livy and Augustan Prose

chapter Chapter XI|24 pages

Ovid and Afterwards

chapter Chapter XII|41 pages

The Silver Age to the Death of Nero

chapter Chapter XIII|34 pages

The Silver Age to the Death of Trajan

chapter Chapter XIV|47 pages

Philosophy, Science and Scholarship

chapter Chapter XV|65 pages

Christians and Pagans