Decent Work-Life in Business: Essential Tool for Sustainable Development presents a detailed discussion of the concept of decent work-life and its application in business for sustainable development. It discusses decent work-life culture in a business environment. The book makes a strong case for decent work, which not only provides work opportunities but also delivers a fair income, fair treatment, security at the workplace, and social protection for families. With the help of empirical data and statistical indicators, it explores themes such as:

  • ILO and decent work agenda
  • opportunities for work and dignity at work
  • social dimensions of globalization and sustainable development
  • poverty reduction through decent work
  • work-life balance and social protection
  • unacceptable work and social dialogue
  • economic and social context of decent work

This book will be an indispensable resource for the students, scholars and teachers of business management and especially those pursuing a career in human resource management. It will also interest scholars of political economy, sociology of work, business management, human resource management, labour studies, public policy, and social anthropology alongside industry experts.  


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CHAPTER-I: Decent Work-Life

CHAPTER-II: Conceptual Dimensions of Decent Work

CHAPTER-III: Policy and Decent Work Indicators

CHAPTER-IV: Statistical Indicators of Decent Work

CHAPTER-V: The Quest for Decent Work and Sustainable Development

CHAPTER-VI: Decent Work-life: A Bibliometric Analysis and Future Trends

CHAPTER-VII: Conclusions and Recommendations