First published in 1934, Essentials in the Development of Religion was written with the conviction that the psychological and philosophical analysis of all phases of religious experience, even those which may be accounted the highest, is capable of yielding results of inestimable importance which could be attained in no other way. Dr. Turner discusses the historical development of the philosophy of religion and reveals topics that have been presupposed or embodied in regular human life. The book will be of interest to students of philosophy, religion and psychology.

chapter 1|10 pages

Introduction. Psychology and Philosophy

chapter II|16 pages

What is Religion?

chapter III|22 pages

Everyman and his Universe

chapter IV|9 pages

Modern Definitions of Religion

chapter VIII|10 pages

Further Characteristics of Moral Experience

chapter IX|16 pages

The Self as a Moral Being

chapter X|11 pages

The Criteria of the Good

chapter XI|11 pages

The Evolution of the Moral Self

chapter XII|11 pages

The Relation Between Good and Evil

chapter XIII|21 pages


chapter XIV|14 pages

The Supremacy of Religion

chapter XV|29 pages

Knowledge and Faith

chapter XVI|23 pages

Authority, Tradition and the Numinous

chapter XVII|25 pages

Divine Personality

chapter XVIII|14 pages

The Universe: Alien, Indifferent Or Friendly?