The Conquistadors (1954) examines the discovery of the New World of South America and the spread from the Caribbean islands of adventurers in search of gold. Through sword and fire and torture they found gold, and in the process destroyed the great civilisations of Mexico and Peru.

part One|82 pages

Master Christopher the Unlucky or a World Discovered by Mistake

chapter Chapter I|22 pages

In Search of the Great Khan

chapter Chapter II|18 pages

Bermejo Sights Land

chapter Chapter III|21 pages

The Undiscoverable Cipango

chapter Chapter IV|19 pages

His Greatest Discovery: Himself

part Two|124 pages

Hernando Cortés or the Return of the White God

chapter Chapter V|22 pages


chapter Chapter VI|24 pages

A Young Man of Good Family Tries His Luck

chapter Chapter VII|17 pages

The Red Conquistadors

chapter Chapter VIII|22 pages

Two Worlds Meet

chapter Chapter IX|21 pages

The Noche Triste

chapter Chapter X|16 pages

The Aztec Agony

part Three|64 pages

Francisco Pizarro in Peru or War in the Land of Inca Communism

chapter Chapter XI|25 pages

The Empire of the Sun

chapter Chapter XII|19 pages

The Death of the Inca

chapter Chapter XIII|18 pages

War Between the Conquistadors

part Four|89 pages

Monks Versus Captains or the Conquistadors on Trial

chapter Chapter XIV|19 pages

The Araucanians

chapter Chapter XV|29 pages

From the Rio de la Plata to the Meschacebe

chapter Chapter XVI|11 pages

The Voice of an Honest Man: Bartolome de las Casas

chapter Chapter XVII|28 pages

Dirge for the Conquistadors