This is an original, accessible book for scholars, students, activists, and the general public on the greatest crisis the world has faced. The authors challenge the widespread notion that a green and peaceful set of technological reforms in the current economic and political system – perhaps a “green capitalism” – can prevent disaster. Dying for Capitalism analyzes the “triangle of extinction” that links capitalism, environmental destruction, and militarism as a system that cannot sustain life on the planet. The authors analyze how the extinction triangle evolved historically, how it functions globally as integral to the world capitalist order, and how the United States has become the dominant “extinction nation.” They also show how recent anti-democratic and anti-scientific cultural and political forces, intensify denial of the threat and subordinate health and survival to profit and extreme concentrated power. The book offers a “slender path” of social and political transformation that can prevent catastrophe. The path requires moving beyond current ruling systems. But possibilities of survival arise from action at local, state, regional and global levels through multiple strategies and movements that already exist. The authors draw on the history of abolitionism from slavery in the US to show how a system that appears unchangeable can be transformed, while describing organizations, movements and practices that are models of hope and a shift from the triangle of extinction to the “circle of creation.”

Introduction - The Greatest Emergency of All Time  PART I - The Hidden System of Extinction  1 The Extinction Triangle: Capitalism, Environmental Destruction and Militarism  2 Is Capitalism Too Hot? Corporate Capital, Power, and Climate Change  3 Plague for Profit: Capitalism and Pandemic  4 Bloody Money: Capitalism, War, and the Doomsday Machine  PART II - The US and Extinction  5 America’s “Extinction Exceptionalism”  6 Molecules of Freedom? America’s Climate of Exceptionalism  7 Inconvenient Truths: Systemic Roots of US COVID-19 Failure  8 America the Not-So-Beautiful: The US Doomsday Machine  PART III – The Slender Path to Survival  9 Lessons & Inspiration from the Abolitionists  10 Front for Survival: Movements, the State, & Public Goods