Based on the author’s 30 years of consulting experience and validated by doctoral research, this book focuses on creating profitable growth with business model innovation in medium and large companies.

Arising from an increased need for systems thinking and technological development, there is a common understanding that a business model should primarily create, develop, and retain value for companies' customers. But increased globalization and resource constraints have led to a difficult balancing act when addressing the challenges of achieving profitable processes and long-term growth. This book provides a new framework, based on six central themes with five related success factors each, to enhance opportunities’ visibility, contribute to improved margins, increase awareness of a company’s unique strengths and weaknesses in overall resources, manage risk, and optimize implementation of a new model throughout an entire organization.

Owners, board members, and managers of medium and large companies worldwide, as well as advanced business students, will appreciate this detailed, practical, and clarifying approach to business model innovation.

chapter Chapter 1|11 pages


chapter Chapter 2|22 pages


chapter Chapter 3|22 pages

Existing business model

chapter Chapter 4|22 pages

Customer orientation

chapter Chapter 5|23 pages


chapter Chapter 6|23 pages

Organizational structure

chapter Chapter 7|24 pages


chapter Chapter 8|28 pages