This ground-breaking ethnography illuminates the theory and practice of "aging in place" by examining the relationships between migrant live-in care workers of older people in Israel, and their local employers and family members.

Daniella Arieli begins her investigation with a discussion of her own experiences of employing a care worker from overseas for her mother and sets this book in its interdisciplinary context, while looking at how best to promote the health and wellbeing of both family members and carers. The two central sections of the book focus on narratives of care workers and family members, respectively, with topics such as trust and suspicion, intimacy and abuse, ambivalence and ambiguity, transnational familial relationships, personal transformations, and cultural differences discussed.

This book is an invaluable contribution to the literature on ageing and family relations, transnational care work and the movement of healthcare practitioners around the world. It is of interest to advanced students and scholars in the fields of nursing, anthropology, sociology, social work, geography, and gerontology.

part Section I|16 pages


chapter |10 pages

01a The Context of this Book

chapter |4 pages

01b How it all Began

Searching for a Care Worker for Mum

part Section II|58 pages

Care Workers

chapter |5 pages

02a Emily's Miracle

The Hope for a Better Life

chapter |6 pages

02b Narashtra's Secrets

Plans and Unexpected Changes

chapter |9 pages

02c Toma's Journey to the Holy Land

Care Migration and Pilgrimage

chapter |6 pages

02d Linda's Tears

On Humiliation and Abuse

chapter |10 pages

02e Marsha

Choices and the Lack of Choices

chapter |7 pages

02f Lucy, Lisa and the Limitations of Freedom

Autonomy, Morality, and Control

chapter |6 pages

02g Luna and Cindy

Living on the Edges of the Law

chapter |4 pages

02h Davis's Victory

Working Outside

part Section III|43 pages

Family Members

chapter |6 pages

03a Dubi and the Fight with Bureaucracy

The Overly Successful Arrangement

chapter |6 pages

03b Eden's Dilemmas

Morality and Dual Obligations

chapter |8 pages

03c Ella, Anna, and Ilana

On Expectations, Disappointments, and Vulnerability

chapter |7 pages

03d The Dispute between Eric and Lihi

One Family, Different Voices

chapter |6 pages

03e Helena's Insomnia

Cold Interests, Guilty Feelings, and Tough Regulations

chapter |7 pages

03f Rachel Blows Up

Living on the Edge of Sanity

part Section IV|15 pages

Transnational Intimacies

chapter |13 pages

04a Rocky's Wedding

An Essay about Co-presence

part Section V|21 pages

Two Ending Chapters

chapter |7 pages

05a Writing about Vulnerable Matters

Anthropological Journey at Home

chapter |11 pages

05b Conclusions

A Journey towards Empathy