A growing number of people completing or holding graduate degrees now seek non-faculty positions—also called alternative academic, or “alt-ac” positions—at different stages in their careers. While an increasing number of people with doctoral degrees are hunting for a diminishing pool of tenure-track faculty jobs, most degree-granting institutions do not adequately prepare their graduate students to enter the new reality of the alt-ac job market. Yet the administrative ranks in higher education institutions are growing, as colleges and universities are creating a diverse range of positions that support teaching and learning efforts.Focusing on the range of potential alternative career choices, this highly practical book offers tools and prompts for readers who are:·Considering whether to choose an alt-ac career path·Seeking specific alt-ac positions·Advising graduate students or mentoring recent professional graduates·Encountering alt-ac career challengesThe authors offer case stories—their own and those of colleagues across North America in alt-ac roles—with concrete examples designed to help readers pursue, obtain, and excel in a wide variety of alt-ac positions. The book can equally be used as a resource for graduate courses on professional development and job-market preparation.

part One|9 pages

An Introduction to Going Alt-Ac

chapter 1|4 pages

Why Go Alt-Ac?

chapter 2|3 pages

Who Considers Alt-Ac Careers?

part Two|35 pages

Exploring Alt-Ac Careers

chapter 3|8 pages

Do You Want to Work in Higher Ed?

chapter 4|7 pages

Alt-Ac Opportunities Outside Academia

chapter 6|6 pages

Mapping an Alt-Ac Career Trajectory

chapter 7|7 pages

Learning More about Alt-Ac Fields

part Three|37 pages

Getting Started in Alt-Ac

chapter 11|4 pages

Job Hunting

chapter 12|8 pages

Preparing Alt-Ac Job Materials

chapter 13|6 pages


part Four|44 pages

Addressing Common Alt-Ac Challenges

part Five|30 pages

Growing in the Alt-Ac Space

chapter 20|8 pages

Doing Consulting Work

chapter 22|5 pages

Writing and Publishing

part Six|25 pages

Building Your Alt-Ac Presence

chapter 24|6 pages

Getting Experience

chapter 27|6 pages

Creating and Growing a Personal Brand

part Seven|18 pages

The Alt-Ac Career Life Cycle

chapter 28|7 pages

From Alt-Ac to Faculty Roles

chapter 29|3 pages

From Faculty to Alt-Ac Roles

chapter 30|3 pages

Part-Time Alt-Ac Roles

chapter 31|3 pages

Be an Alt-Ac Mentor