Through interviews with members of the Public Relations Society of America College of Fellows, this book provides lessons on public relations leadership for the next generation.

Often, our focus on high profile leaders is centered on success stories, but so much can be learned from the trials, or “crucibles,” they have faced and how leaders overcame and were shaped by these challenges. The Fellows interviewed represent a diverse group of accomplished professionals with specializations ranging from military public affairs and government, corporate, education, agency, and nonprofit organizations. A focus on ethical values, virtues, and ethical leadership will inspire readers to themselves confidently lead.

This book will be of interest to advanced students in public relations programs or young professionals looking to forge their careers in public relations leadership.

chapter 3|11 pages

Development of Identity

chapter 4|21 pages

Crucible Experiences

chapter 5|13 pages

Critical Reflection

chapter 7|16 pages

Ethical Leadership

chapter 8|9 pages


The Future of Ethical Leadership