Being cooperative, empathetic, and accommodating are great qualities for teachers but can also lead to higher rates of frustration and eventually burnout. In this empowering new book from Brad Johnson and Jeremy Johnson, find out how becoming more assertive can help highly agreeable teachers thrive.

First, take personality quizzes to find out how agreeable or assertive you are! Then the authors delve into why that matters. You’ll find out how assertiveness differs from aggression and passivity and why it is a valuable tool for teachers, so you can stand up for your own needs and rights while respecting the needs and rights of others. Chapters cover establishing healthy boundaries, learning when to say no, dealing with conflicts, becoming more self-aware, leveraging your strengths, finding your voice, and more!

Each chapter is filled with practical strategies and examples and ends with a toolbox feature to help you build your skills. As you learn to become more assertive, you’ll improve your interactions and will feel more heard – and fulfilled – in your teaching role and in life.

chapter 2|11 pages

From Passive to Powerful

Unleashing the Potential of Assertive Teaching

chapter 3|18 pages

Finding the Strength Within

Empowering Teachers Through Self-awareness and Confidence

chapter 4|16 pages

Navigating Conflict with Confidence

Building Relationships and Resolving Issues with Assertiveness

chapter 5|16 pages

Sharing Your Voice

The Power of Assertive Communication in Education

chapter 6|13 pages

Establishing Boundaries

It's Okay to Say No!

chapter 8|17 pages

Nurturing Assertiveness and Leveraging Strengths

Strategies for Working with Low-agreeableness Students

chapter 9|10 pages

Prioritizing Self-care for Lasting Success

chapter |2 pages


Unleashing Your Greatness to Be Unstoppable