Now in its second edition, The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History has been updated to include recent scholarship, and an analysis of how debates have changed in light of recent key events such as the Black Lives Matter movement.

Primarily focused on the Atlantic Slave Trade, this study places slavery within a broader world context and includes significant detailed coverage of Africa. With a chronological approach, it guides students through the origins of the Atlantic Slave Trade to its expansion and eventual abolition. Its final chapters explore the legacy of the Atlantic Slave Trade by comparing it to other systems of slavery outside of the Atlantic region, and analyze the persistence of modern-day slavery. As well as offering an analysis of historiography, the updated bibliography and conclusion, which considers the recent Black Lives Matter protests and their aftermath, provide a fresh account of how slavery has shaped our understanding of the modern world.

Unmatched in its breadth of information, chronological sweep, and geographical coverage, The Atlantic Slave Trade in World History is the most useful introductory resource for all students who study the Atlantic Slave Trade in a world context.

chapter 1|20 pages


chapter 2|23 pages

The Beginnings of the Atlantic Slave Trade

chapter 3|31 pages

The Slave Trade Expands Greatly

chapter 4|44 pages

The Slave Trade at its Height

chapter 5|43 pages


chapter 6|12 pages

After Slavery?

chapter 7|15 pages