Healing is on many people’s minds today. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and a host of other disruptions and disasters, many of us feel that we need healing – in our personal lives, for the environment and for our planet. But healing is rarely defined and is not an accepted part of medicine in the West. This book examines the relationship between healing and medicine through the eyes of an academic physician who changed his interests from biomedical research to healing late in his career in medicine. It is based on his experiences and stories of his encounters with patients, practitioners and others for whom healing has had a particular significance, as well as his rigorous research into the subject. A central theme of the book is that modern medicine needs to be more pluralistic in its approach to health and accept that spirituality and healing techniques have roles to play alongside scientific medicine, which currently has its base in materialism alone.

section Section One|50 pages


chapter 1|27 pages

Early Influences

chapter 2|21 pages

Kuwait and Iraq

section Section Two|130 pages


chapter 3|15 pages

A New Beginning and Placebo Research

chapter 4|26 pages

Learning about Energy Healing

chapter 5|20 pages

Some Other Healing Experiences

chapter 6|13 pages

Lourdes, Belief and Healing

chapter 8|14 pages

Public Views on the Nature of Healing

chapter 9|23 pages

Nature, Art and Healing

section Section Three|60 pages


chapter 10|15 pages

Doctors as Healers

chapter 11|24 pages

Modern Medicine and Healing

chapter 12|19 pages

Toward an Understanding of Healing

chapter |2 pages