The Military Balance has been published since 1959. The 2024 edition provides an open-source assessment of the armed forces and equipment inventories of over 170 countries, with accompanying defence economics data. In addition to detailed country data, The Military Balance assesses, region-by-region, important military issues. It includes graphics to illustrate defence personnel, equipment, and procurement developments. The 65th edition examines emerging lessons from Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, details Chinese military activity around Taiwan, and identifies developments in uninhabited aerial vehicle exports. The accompanying wallchart spotlights the important issues around critical national infrastructure in the Euro-Atlantic. The book draws on the breadth of data in the Military Balance+ online database. The Military Balance and Military Balance+ are indispensable sources of information for those involved in defence and security policymaking, analysis, and research.

chapter Chapter One|8 pages

Defence and military analysis

chapter Chapter Two|38 pages

North America

chapter Chapter Three|104 pages


chapter Chapter Four|59 pages

Russia and Eurasia

chapter Chapter Five|109 pages


chapter Chapter Six|67 pages

Middle East and North Africa

chapter Chapter Seven|61 pages

Latin America and the Caribbean

chapter Chapter Eight|73 pages

Sub-Saharan Africa