Dealing with Different Types of Losses Using Hypnotherapy Scripts is a unique practical resource for hypnotherapists which considers many aspects of loss rather than focusing solely on dying, death and bereavement. It presents new ways of looking at loss and from many different perspectives.

Hypnotherapists will be encouraged to reflect on their own attitudes, values and ways of working on a one-on-one basis and in groups. Loss is inherently important because it can be identified when therapy is already underway and sometimes when it was not the original problem presented to the hypnotherapist. The author is a registered hypnotherapist who has put together a comprehensive range of tried and tested scripts and visualisations for both adults and children (age 5+). The scripts offer a variety of methods to choose from such as: solution-focused, metaphors (Ericksonian), Gestalt therapy, benefits approach and regression. The appendices include an assortment of practical resources and materials, such as: exercises, handouts, questions, forms for the hypnotherapist to use for notetaking during sessions and for developing plans after a hypnotherapy session has taken place.

The book will be of use to students, newly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists and trainers working in hypnotherapy training schools.

part I|45 pages

Working with losses

chapter 1|7 pages


Hypnotherapy and losses

chapter 2|9 pages

How to use the book

chapter 3|10 pages

Different types of losses

chapter 4|12 pages

Assessment before working with losses

chapter 5|5 pages

Two scripts for the first session

part II|80 pages

Dealing with emotions

chapter 6|8 pages

Journey of grief

chapter 7|5 pages

Tour bus

chapter 8|5 pages

Lost and found

chapter 9|6 pages

Visualisations for emotional pain

chapter 10|4 pages

It's OK to feel…

chapter 11|3 pages

Opening tulips

chapter 12|3 pages

Feeling alone

chapter 13|5 pages

Fire and anger

chapter 14|4 pages

Learning to cry

chapter 15|3 pages


chapter 16|3 pages


chapter 17|4 pages

Ice skating

chapter 18|4 pages

Dig it up

chapter 19|5 pages


chapter 20|5 pages

Building and breaking down walls

chapter 21|3 pages

Leaving the darkness in the cave

chapter 22|5 pages

Deflation, restoration and improvement

chapter 23|3 pages

Egg timer

part III|29 pages

Facing and dealing with death

chapter 24|6 pages

Planning for death

chapter 25|3 pages

Man in the corner

chapter 26|5 pages

Animal heaven

chapter 27|3 pages

Conversations on the clouds

chapter 28|5 pages

The great pyramid

chapter 29|3 pages

The storage unit

chapter 30|2 pages

The red admiral butterfly

part IV|24 pages

Moving forward

chapter 31|6 pages

Acceptance and aspirations

chapter 32|4 pages

Preparing for the future

chapter 33|3 pages

The jigsaw puzzle

chapter 34|2 pages


chapter 35|2 pages

Clouds coming together

chapter 36|3 pages

Time capsule

chapter 37|2 pages

Brightness on the horizon

part V|43 pages

Additional scripts

chapter 38|8 pages

Being assertive

chapter 39|10 pages


chapter 40|5 pages

Bank vault

chapter 41|2 pages

Calendars of life

chapter 42|3 pages

Not always what it seems

chapter 43|2 pages

Finding a lost object

chapter 44|3 pages

Layla and the spoon

chapter 45|4 pages


chapter 46|4 pages