Wherever you are on the path to 1:1 teaching and learning, you need a guide that can help you make the best use of the powerful technology available in today's classrooms. In Power Up: Making the Shift to 1:1 Teaching and Learning, Diana Neebe and Jen Roberts draw on research and their extensive experience working with teachers across subject areas and grade levels to share the keys to success when teaching with a computer or tablet for every student.

This is the book secondary teachers need to understand the changes in pedagogy, planning, classroom organization, time management, and collaboration that will help them be successful in a 1:1 environment. Whether providing immediate and detailed feedback to student writers, giving voice to quiet learners, or creating more time for actual work in a jam-packed school day, Neebe and Roberts show teachers how communication, differentiation, and other effective practices can be powered up with personalized technology.

Throughout the book, Neebe and Roberts coach teachers through their initial concerns about technology integration, offer advice about avoiding common problems, and encourage innovation. Using detailed classroom examples, questions, and suggestions, they provide a framework for shaping the transformation of a traditional classroom into a student-centered, technology-rich learning environment. Readers will come away with a clear sense of how a fully implemented 1:1 classroom operates.

Power Up makes the transition to 1:1 a manageable and exciting journey. It's a key part of supporting teachers and ensuring the success of your 1:1 program.

chapter Chapter 1|18 pages

We Have 1:1; Now What?

part I|64 pages


chapter Chapter 2|14 pages

Communication and Workflow

chapter Chapter 3|22 pages


chapter Chapter 4|26 pages


part II|72 pages


chapter Chapter 5|20 pages


chapter Chapter 6|18 pages


chapter Chapter 7|32 pages

Feedback and Assessment

part III|62 pages


chapter Chapter 8|20 pages

Creativity and Innovation

chapter Chapter 9|24 pages

Rethinking Class Time

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Becoming a Connected Educator