Dawnavyn James believes Black history shouldn't be relegated to the month of February. In her groundbreaking book, Beyond February: Teaching Black History Any Day, Every Day, and All Year Long, K-3, she provides a practical guide for elementary educators who seek to teach history in truthful and meaningful ways that help young students understand the past, the present, and the world around them.

Drawing on her experiences as a classroom teacher and a Black history researcher, James illustrates the big and small ways that we can center Black history in our everyday teaching and learning practices across the curriculum using read-alouds, music, historical documents, art, and so much more.

Inside this book you'll find:

  • Essential ideas that guide our teaching of Black history
  • Powerful People Sets: groups of Black historical figures organized by theme with resources for both teacher and student learning
  • Book collections and lessons featuring nearly 100 children's books
  • Strategies and tips for adapting and disrupting curriculum in order to center Black history
  • Ideas for celebrating Black History Month in ways that go beyond February
  • FAQ's to help you navigate the ins and outs of teaching Black history in the elementary classroom

With Beyond February, you'll have the tools to teach Black history all year long!

chapter |4 pages


You Are Cordially Invited

chapter 1|44 pages

Beyond the People

chapter 2|28 pages

Beyond the Books

chapter 3|20 pages

Beyond the Curriculum

chapter 4|12 pages

Beyond the Month

chapter 5|8 pages

The Work Doesn't Stop Here