When done on a regular basis, interactive writing has the potential to improve independent writing. Authors Kate Roth and Joan Dabrowski detail how this systemic approach can be applied in Interactive Writing Across Grades: A Small Practice with Big Results, PreK-5.' Interactive writing harnesses the natural interactions teachers have with their students as they compose a writing piece. It allows for real-time differentiation and tailored scaffolding. This method fits within any basal writing curriculum and can be adapted to your classroom's technology levels. This book acts as a how-to guide that unpacks this powerful method, going step-by-step and grade-by-grade to figure out where and how interactive writing fits within your literacy framework. Inside you'll find:A complete overview of the interactive writing method and how it fits into your balanced literacy program Concrete ways to launch interactive writing in your classroom to support both process and craft instruction Step-by-step guidance to implement the method with students of all ages Student examples of writing from grades Pre-K through 5 to show what to expect at each phase of the process 'Listen in on a Lesson vignettes that demonstrate the type of scaffolding you can offer during interactive writing lessons Discover what makes interactive writing a particularly effective teaching practice that can support both emergent and fluent writers. Interactive Writing Across Grades can help put this method to work in the classroom immediately. '

part Section One|26 pages

An Overview of Interactive Writing

chapter Chapter 1|12 pages

A First Look at Interactive Writing

chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

Understanding Interactive Writing

part Section Two|115 pages

Working Through Each Part of an Interactive Writing Lesson

chapter Chapter 3|14 pages


chapter Chapter 4|15 pages


chapter Chapter 5|21 pages


chapter Chapter 6|32 pages

Share the Pen

chapter Chapter 7|7 pages


chapter Chapter 8|24 pages


part Section Three|39 pages

Getting Started With Interactive Writing

chapter Chapter 9|18 pages

Eight Points for Preparation

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Pulling It All Together

chapter |3 pages