Ten years since her first edition, author Debbie Miller returns with Reading with Meaning, Second Edition: Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades to share her new thinking about reading comprehension strategy instruction, the gradual release of responsibility instructional model, and planning for student engagement and independence. Reading with Meaning, Second Edition delves into strategy and how intentional teaching and guided practice can provide each child a full year of growth during their classroom year. New in this edition are lesson planning documents for each chapter that include guiding questions, learning targets, and summative assessments, as well as new book title recommendations and updated FAQs from the first edition.Also included are strategic lessons for inferring, determining the importance in each text, and synthesizing information. Teachers can help students make their thinking visible through oral, written, artistic, and dramatic responses and provide examples on how to connect what they read to their own lives.In this book, Miller reflects on her professional experiences and judgement along withcurrent research in the field. She provides a guide for any teacher hoping to build student relationships and develop lifelong independent learners.

chapter |4 pages


It Doesn't Get Better Than This

chapter |4 pages

Introduction to the Second Edition

chapter 1|17 pages

Guiding Principles

chapter 2|23 pages

In September, Part One

Setting Students Up for Success—The Structures and Routines of Workshop

chapter 3|18 pages

In September, Part Two

How Do I Know They Are Growing? How Do They Know?

chapter 4|24 pages

In October

Digging into the Thinking Strategies; Focus on Schema

chapter 5|19 pages

In November and December

Poetry Genre Study; Focus on Sensory Images

chapter 6|34 pages

In January and February

Book Clubs; Focus on Asking Questions and Inferring

chapter 7|20 pages

In March and April

Nonfiction Genre Study; Focus on Questioning (Continued) and Determining Importance

chapter 8|17 pages

In May

Book Recommendation/Opinion Piece for Book Lovers' Festival; Focus on Synthesis