Talking and writing about unfinished ideas is vital to learning mathematics, but most students only speak up when they think they have the right answer - especially middle school and high school students. Amanda Jansen and her collaborating teachers have developed a breakthrough approach to address this challenge.

In Rough Draft Math: Revising to Learn, Jansen shares the power of infusing math class with the spirit of revision so that students feel comfortable thinking aloud as they problem-solve rather than talking only to perform right answers.

Creating a Community of Learners: As part of the rough draft framework, a class of students becomes an equitable and inclusive community of thinkers, one where students feel safe to engage in discourse while developing mathematical competency and confidence

Practical Application of Innovative Ideas: This book includes specific teaching techniques and a range of classroom vignettes showing rough draft math in action within a student-centered teaching approach. Children can develop solutions at their own pace and share thought processes behind their conclusions

Classroom Tested: Jansen has developed the concept of rough draft math in collaboration with a diverse group of dynamic and reflective teachers.

Rough Draft Math provides a blueprint for educators to allow free-thinking discussion while maintaining the mathematical learning goalsRough Draft Math, Jansen shows how to create an energetic classroom culture where students readily participate and share their evolving understanding while engaging in math talk, collaborative problem solving, and ongoing revision of ideas. '

chapter Chapter One|22 pages

Rough Draft thinking in Mathematics Classrooms

chapter Chapter Two|33 pages

Building a Culture of Rough Draft Thinking

chapter Chapter Three|33 pages

Tasks that Provide

Opportunities to Communicate to Learn

chapter Chapter Four|40 pages

Refining Understanding Through Revising in Math Class

chapter Chapter Five|28 pages

Rough Draft Thinking as a Rehumanizing Endeavor