In Up for Debate!: Exploring Math Through Argument, high school math teacher and debate coach Chris Luzniak shares stories, examples, and step-by-step routines that will help you build a classroom culture where students do the talking, explain their thinking, and critique each other's reasoning, all in the context of the math content you're expected to teach. Inside, you'll find:

  • Inspirational stories of students debating math in real classrooms
  • Concrete structures and routines that will get your students talking, listening, and debating
  • Specific techniques you can use to transform existing math problems into debatable ones
You'll begin with short speaking and listening routines that take just a few minutes to introduce. When you and your students are ready, you can layer on additional debate routines, until your class is engaged in full-class debates using mathematical reasoning. With this easy-to-read guide, you don't need to wait any longer. You will be able to start debating in your classroom, tomorrow.

chapter Chapter 1|11 pages

Opening Arguments

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

Making the Case

chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

Question Round

chapter Chapter 4|16 pages


chapter Chapter 5|18 pages

Extra Time

chapter Chapter 6|11 pages

Closing Arguments