The debate on modernity and postmodernity has awakened interest in the importance of the spatial for cultural formations. But what of those spaces that exist as much in the imagination as in physical reality? This book attempts to develop an alternative geography and sociology of space by examining `places on the margin'.

part 1|70 pages

Part One

chapter |27 pages


Places on the margin

chapter 1|42 pages

Alternative Geographies of Modernity

part 2|181 pages

Part Two

chapter 2|44 pages

Ritual Pleasures of a Seaside Resort

Liminality, carnivalesque, and dirty weekends

chapter 3|45 pages

Niagara Falls

Honeymoon capital of the world1

chapter 4|45 pages

The True North Strong and Free

chapter 5|45 pages

The North–South Divide in England

part 3|26 pages

Part Three

chapter 6|24 pages

Synthesis and Implications