The Caribbean Basin: An International History provides a study of the entire Caribbean region, including Central America and the Caribbean coast of northern South America. It also offers analysis of:
* the role of international intervention
* the complex interaction among major world powers in the area
* conflicts over colonial possessions and trade routes
* Soviet-American confrontation in the Cold War years.
Integrating the recent political, social and economic history of the Caribbean with its miltary and diplomatic past, this book charts the region's emergence from colonialism during the course of the twentieth century.

chapter |10 pages


chapter 1|20 pages

The Legacy of Empires

chapter 2|22 pages

Hegemony in Transition

The emergence of the United States, 1890–1917

chapter 4|30 pages

From War to Revolution, 1945–1959

chapter 6|31 pages

From Revolution to the End of the Cold War

chapter |4 pages