The first and definitive book of its kind, Joan Spero's The Politics of International Economic Relations has been fully updated to reflect the sweeping changes in the international arena. With the expertise of co-author Jeffrey Hart, the fifth edition strengthens the coverage of political and economic relations since the end of the Cold War, economic polarization in developing nations and the roots of economic decline in centrally planned economies. A new chapter on industrial policy and competitiveness debates further illustrates the changing dynamics of International Political Economy. Ideal as a supplement to the International Relations course or as the core text in International Political Economy, Spero and Hart's The Politics of International Economic Relations continues to give students the breadth and depth of scholarship needed to understand the politics of world economy.

part |7 pages

Part One An Overview

part |141 pages

Part Two The Western System

part |167 pages

Part Three The North-South System

chapter 6|48 pages

International Financial Flows

chapter 7|34 pages

Trade and Development Strategies

chapter 9|40 pages

Oil, Commodity Cartels, and Power

part |55 pages

Part Four The End of the Cold War and Its Consequences for the World Economy