First published in 1998. An examination of the main branches of social work in Great Britain and their development from their confused beginnings to the state they reached by the nineteenth century. Also discussed are the material changes in the conditions of life that took place in the century, and a brief appraisal of the philosophical and religious ideas that influenced people's minds and affected their attitude to the poor and their approach to social work.

chapter |3 pages


part |59 pages

Ideas Which Influenced the Development of Social Work

part |194 pages

Main Branches of Social Work

chapter |14 pages

Family Case Work—I

chapter |11 pages

Family Case Work—II

chapter |23 pages

Family Case Work—III

chapter |11 pages

Octavia Hill

chapter |27 pages

Care of Deprived Children

chapter |30 pages

The Penal Services

chapter |24 pages

The Handicapped

chapter |16 pages

Moral Welfare

chapter |12 pages

Group Work—I


chapter |24 pages

Group Work—II

Youth Work