First Published in 1998. This is Volume VI of twenty-eight in the Sociology of Education series. Post-war plans for the reshaping of the school system in France have succeeded and superseded each other with confusing rapidity. They reflect the vigorous attempts of intelligent Frenchmen to construct an educational system that will be adequate for the resurgent, industrial, prosperous, democratic country whose mission as a model of civilization and enlightenment they still proclaim. Despite these measures dissatisfaction with the school system, its syllabuses and its methods continue to be felt acutely, with the principles of reform have been lengthily debated by the various professional, social, political and religious groups in France. The resulting legislation has brought about changes with which nobody is content. A major purpose of this book has been to allow the various protagonists to speak for themselves.

chapter |8 pages

Educational Planning and Centralization

chapter |15 pages

The Administrative Obstacle

chapter |9 pages

The Professional Obstacle

chapter |8 pages

The Cultural Obstacle

chapter |14 pages

The Religious Obstacle

chapter |5 pages

The Political Obstacle

chapter |8 pages


Speeches and Documents

chapter |16 pages


A Bone of Contention

chapter |33 pages

The Matrix