First Published in 1998. This is Volume XX of twenty-eight in the Sociology of Education series. This book seeks to portray the growth of inspection in England, in a framework of its relations with teaching on the one hand, with administration on the other. It traces the history of inspection in the organisation of schools from its beginnings, examines the position of inspectors and the work of inspection, and identifies the difference between the functions of Her Majesty's Inspectors and those of the inspectors to a local education authority

chapter Chapter One|14 pages

The Earliest Inspectors

chapter Chapter Three|5 pages

The First Government Inspectors

chapter Chapter Four|16 pages

Inspectors in The Early Eighteen-Forties

chapter Chapter Five|5 pages


chapter Chapter Six|17 pages

Mid-Century Development

chapter Chapter Seven|18 pages

The Eighteen-Sixties

chapter Chapter Eight|11 pages

School Board Inspection

chapter Chapter Nine|17 pages

Board Inspectors and Organisers

chapter Chapter Ten|23 pages

Her Majesty's Inspector and Other Inspectors

chapter Chapter Eleven|11 pages

The Early Twentieth Century

chapter Chapter Twelve|6 pages

Since 1944

chapter Chapter Thirteen|19 pages

Women as Inspectors and Organisers

chapter Chapter Fourteen|13 pages

Some Problems of Inspectors