First published in 1999. The purpose of this series is to provide a contemporary assessment and history of the entire course of philosophical thought. Each book constitutes a detailed, critical introduction to the work of a philosopher of major influence and significance. This book includes two volumes of essays on Locke's work.

chapter |10 pages


part |2 pages

Part I Ideas

chapter 1|6 pages

Introduction to Part I

chapter 3|10 pages

Ideas and epistemology before Locke

chapter 4|8 pages

Simple and complex


chapter 5|8 pages

Ideas as images

chapter 7|7 pages

Ideas as natural signs

chapter 8|3 pages

Ideas: a summary

chapter 9|9 pages

Reflections on the structure of thought

part |2 pages

Part II Knowledge and belief

chapter 10|7 pages

Introduction to Part II

chapter 11|8 pages

The degrees of knowledge and the role of method

knowledge of method

chapter 12|8 pages

Other divisions of knowledge

chapter 13|9 pages

Probability and the nature of 'assent'

chapter 14|12 pages

The grounds of probability

chapter 15|20 pages

Reflections on the definition of knowledge

chapter 16|6 pages

Belief and, rationality

part |2 pages

Part III Perceptual knowledge

chapter 17|2 pages

Introduction to Part III

chapter 21|13 pages

The scope of perceptual knowledge

chapter 22|14 pages

Two modern approaches to sensation

chapter 23|12 pages

Private language and secondary qualities

part |2 pages

Part IV Particulars, universals and intuitive knowledge

chapter 24|2 pages

Introduction to Part IV

chapter 26|5 pages

Thought about particulars

chapter 28|5 pages

Abstraction and the ideal of precision

chapter 29|5 pages

Intuition and innate knowledge

chapter 31|12 pages

Reflections on understanding and imagination

chapter 32|12 pages

Necessity, reason and language

chapter 33|4 pages

Conclusions of Volume I

chapter |27 pages


chapter |4 pages


chapter |7 pages


part |2 pages

Volume II Ontology

chapter |12 pages


part |2 pages

Part II God, Nature and the Law of Nature

chapter 10|4 pages

Introduction to Part II

chapter 11|7 pages

Forms of mechanism before Locke

chapter 12|12 pages

The form of Locke's mechanism

chapter 14|15 pages

The existence of God

chapter 15|12 pages

The Law of Nature and human freedom

chapter 16|7 pages

Reflections on Locke's ethics

part |2 pages

Part III Identity

chapter 17|2 pages

Introduction to Part III

chapter 18|9 pages

Locke on 'masses of matter'

chapter 19|13 pages

Locke on living things

chapter 20|10 pages

Forms of material unity

chapter 21|15 pages

Artificial and other problematic objects

chapter 22|6 pages

Personal identity before the Essay

chapter 23|9 pages

Locke's theory of personal identity

chapter 24|9 pages

Contemporary reactions to Locke's theory

chapter 26|4 pages

Conclusions of Volume II