This is Volume XXXIV of thirty-eight in the General Psychology series. Originally published in 1924, the present book is an attempt to supplement the slight sketch of the Anxiety Hypothesis put forward in ‘The Psychology of Self-Consciousness’. The former book aimed at explaining the difference between the difference between the perceptual and conceptual aspects of life, and at showing, by reference to general literature, the anxiety elements in human thought. In this book in Part I anxiety is described as arising through the reciprocal actions of introjection and projection to supply the warp and woof not only of individual character, but of an unseen spiritual self; in Part II is traced out the sinuous course of the dream life conceived as a dramatic cycle.

part I|74 pages

The Dream is the Psychological Apparatus Harmonising Experience

chapter I|10 pages


chapter IV|9 pages


chapter V|14 pages

The Message of Symbolism

chapter VI|11 pages

How the Symbol can Make or Mar Life

chapter VII|11 pages

The Projection of Emotion

part II|62 pages

The Anxiety Drama

part III|50 pages

The Self Through the Dream

chapter II|21 pages

The Unseen Self

chapter |16 pages