First Published in 2000. This title is Volume 4 in the 11-volume series titled India: History, Economy and Society, one of the Trüber's Oriental Series. This title tackles the great task of compiling, for the first time, a connected and clear history of the Ancient Hindus. The first chapters on the Vedic Age were commenced in April 1887, the last chapters on the Puranic Age have been revised in March 1890. The entire edition of a thousand copies has been nearly exhausted for this collection.

chapter I|21 pages

Chandragupta and Asoka The Great

chapter II|7 pages

Language and Alphabet.

chapter III|12 pages

The Kings of Magadha.

chapter IV|7 pages

Kashmir And Gujrat.

chapter V|7 pages

Gupta Kings.

chapter VI|7 pages

Fa Hian's Account of India.

chapter VII|21 pages

Buddhist Architecture And Chapter Sculpture.

chapter VIII|10 pages


chapter IX|7 pages

Social Life.

chapter X|5 pages


chapter XI|13 pages


chapter XII|6 pages

Astronomy And Learning.

chapter I|10 pages

Vikrmaditya the Great and his Successors.

chapter II|26 pages

Houen Tsang's Account of India.

chapter III|6 pages

The Valabhis and the Rajputs.

chapter IV|11 pages

Bengal and Orissa.

chapter V|11 pages

Kashmir and Southern India.

chapter VI|8 pages


chapter VII|18 pages

Religious Literature.

chapter VIII|6 pages


chapter IX|21 pages

Hindu and Jaina Architecture and Sculpture.

chapter X|7 pages

Astronomy, Algebra and Arithmetic.

chapter XI|10 pages


chapter XII|25 pages


chapter XIII|14 pages


chapter XIV|6 pages


chapter XV|15 pages

Close of the Ancient Age.

chapter XVI|17 pages

Commencement of the Modern Age.