This is Volume X of eleven in a collection of India: History, Economy and Society. Originally published in 1910, this is the second part of an account of the religion, philosophy, literature, geography, chronology, astronomy, customs, laws and astrology of Alberuni's India about A.D. 1030.

chapter 49|14 pages

A Summary Description of the Ekas

chapter 56|9 pages

On the Stations of the Moon

chapter 59|8 pages

On the Solar and Lunar Eclipses

chapter 60|3 pages

On the Parvan

chapter 65|3 pages

On the Sacrifices

chapter 70|3 pages

On Lawsuits

chapter 71|3 pages

On Punishments and Expiations

chapter 74|3 pages

On Fasting, and the Various Kinds of it

chapter 75|3 pages

On the Determination of the Fast-Days

chapter 76|7 pages

On the Festivals and Festive Days

chapter 78|10 pages

On the Karaṇas

chapter 79|7 pages

On the Yogas