First published in 1987. This volume collects together writings of Teresa Billington-Greig, suffragette, activist and political theorist. One of the first organizers for the Women's Social and Political Union, she was a founder-member of the Women's freedom League. She was also the first suffragette to be sent to Holloway Gaol. This volume provides new insights into this exceptional women's lifelong efforts in the woman's movement

part I|84 pages

The Genesis of a Feminist: Autobiographical Fragments

part II|26 pages

Theory in the Midst of Battle

part III|88 pages

The Militant Suffrage Movement

chapter Chapter I|6 pages

Personal Foreword

The Militant suffrage Movement *

chapter Chapter II|6 pages

The Genesis Of The Movement

chapter Chapter III|6 pages

The Chosen Gateway

chapter Chapter IV|6 pages

Against the Government

chapter Chapter V|10 pages

Success that Brought Defeat

chapter Chapter VI|8 pages

The Freedom League Failure

chapter Chapter VII|6 pages

The Domination Established

chapter Chapter VIII|9 pages

A Criticism of Militancy

chapter Chapter IX|8 pages

Hostages to Hurry

chapter Chapter X|5 pages

Claims Examined

chapter Chapter XI|6 pages

The Broken Truce

chapter Chapter XII|6 pages

Parnell the Prototype

chapter Chapter XIII|4 pages

Looking Forward

part IV|25 pages

Against the State

part V|46 pages

The Consumer in Revolt: Selections

chapter Chapter I|12 pages

An Economic Divorce

The Consumer in Revolt *

chapter Chapter II|5 pages

The Victimisation of The Consumer

chapter Chapter III|6 pages

Woman, the Consumer

chapter Chapter IV|6 pages

The Failure of the Labour Revolt

chapter Chapter V|6 pages

Past Efforts to Secure Union

chapter Chapter VI|9 pages

The Work to be Done