What kinds of things do fashion and clothing say about us? What does it mean to wear Gap or Gaultier, Milletts or Moschino? Are there any real differences between Hip-Hop style and Punk anti-styles? In this fully revised and updated edition, Malcolm Barnard introduces fashion and clothing as ways of communicating and challenging class, gender, sexual and social identities.
Drawing on a range of theoretical approaches from Barthes and Baudrillard to Marxist, psychoanalytic and feminist theory, Barnard addresses the ambivalent status of fashion in contemporary culture.

chapter |7 pages


chapter |23 pages

The Functions of Fashion and Clothing

chapter |30 pages

Fashion, Clothing and Meaning

chapter |29 pages

Fashion, Clothing and Social Revolution

chapter |31 pages

Fashion, Clothing and Postmodernity

chapter |5 pages