Sexuality and the Politics of Violence offers a timely and critical exploration of issues of safety and security at the centre of responses to violence. Through a multi-disciplinary analysis, drawing on feminism, lesbian and gay studies, sociology, cultural geography, criminology and critical legal scholarship, the book offers to transform the way we understand and respond to the challenges raised by violence. It breaks new ground in its examination of the rhetoric and politics of violence, property, home, cosmopolitanism and stranger danger in the generation of safety and security.

Using interviews, focus groups and surveys with lesbians and gay men, Sexuality and the Politics of Violence draws upon 'real life' experiences of safety and security. It raises some fundamental challenges to the law and order politics of existing scholarship and activism on homophobic hate crime.

chapter 2|13 pages

Violence for safety

chapter 3|16 pages

Attachment to hate

The emotional dimensions of lesbian and gay crime control

chapter 4|13 pages

The limits of law and order

Individual responsibility

chapter 5|26 pages

The rhetoric and politics of property

chapter 7|31 pages

Cosmopolitan safety

chapter 8|30 pages

Stranger danger

The uses of estrangement and the politics of fear

chapter 9|5 pages


The challenges of safety and security