Discussing the process of economic development in Japan, this book covers the period from when Japan first entered upon her career of Westernization to the beginning of the war with China in 1937. The main emphasis is on industrial and financial development and organization and on economic policy. Among the industries discussed are agriculture, textiles, steel and shipping.
A comprehensive glossary and bibliography are included and much of the statistical information is tabulated for ease of reading.

chapter Chapter I|17 pages

The Disintegration of the Old Régime

chapter Chapter II|16 pages

Reconstruction, 1868 – 81

chapter Chapter III|14 pages

Financial Foundations, 1881–1914

chapter Chapter VI|16 pages

The Great War of 1914 – 18 and the Post- War Decade

chapter Chapter VII|14 pages

Industry and Agriculture, 1914–32

chapter Chapter VIII|9 pages

Economic Policy and the Zaibatsu, 1914–32

chapter Chapter IX|8 pages

Reflation and Preparation for War, 1932–37

chapter Chapter XI|7 pages

Summary and Conclusions