Early British Economics covers the growth of economic thought in Britain, giving an outline of the economic and ethical problems raised by social developments and changes. The doctrines formulated by city merchants, economic writers and philosophers during the six centuries in question are also examined.

chapter |11 pages

The Schoolmen and Their Problems

chapter |13 pages

Alexander Of Hales (Alensis) 1

chapter |6 pages

Ricardus De Media Villa

chapter |7 pages

John Duns Scotus

chapter |8 pages

The Legacy of the Schoolmen

chapter |22 pages

The Age of Mercantilism

chapter |48 pages

Sixteenth Century Economics

chapter |28 pages

Balance of Trade

chapter |29 pages

Importance of Manufacture

chapter |9 pages


chapter |32 pages

Transition To Liberal Economics

chapter |15 pages

Retrospect: British Economics In 1750