This book is a study of the beginnings of law and the 'primitive' stages of its development, from the first rudimentary rules of conduct to the codes of the legal systems. Its scope extends to both cultures and legal systems from the ancient and medieval past: those of the Babylonians and Assyrians, Hittites, Hebrews, Romans, Hindus, English and other German peoples, and those of Africa, Australia and America. Correlating early economic and legal development, the book illustrates how laws change with the development of material culture.
Originally published in 1971.

part |2 pages

Part I

chapter 1|6 pages


chapter 2|15 pages

The Legal Legacy of the Past

chapter 3|15 pages

The Legal Legacy of the Past (continued)

chapter 4|16 pages

The Earliest Literature and the Codes

chapter 5|15 pages

The Early Codes of the Past - Barbarism

chapter 8|12 pages

The Late Codes of the Past (continued)

chapter 9|10 pages

The Early Law of India

chapter 10|10 pages

The Roman Twelve Tables

chapter 11|15 pages

lIThe Law of the Hebrews

chapter 12|16 pages

The Hebrew Code

part |2 pages

Part II

chapter 13|15 pages

The Food Gatherers

chapter 17|16 pages

Cattle Keepers - The Law

chapter 18|11 pages

Cattle Keepers - Crimes and Civil Injuries

chapter 21|16 pages

Trial by Ordeal in the Early Codes

chapter 25|17 pages

The Recent Peoples of the Late Codes