First Published in 2004. This is the second of three volumes of an edition of Professor Meade’s papers. As with the first volume (The Collected Papers of James Meade, Vol. I: Employment and Inflation, 1988), it includes both previously published papers and hitherto unpublished memoranda written during Meade’s period of government service, 1940-7, in the Economic Section of the Cabinet Offices, of which he was Director 1946-7.

part I|248 pages

Price Theory and Policy

chapter 1|6 pages

Notes on the Elasticity of Substitution

chapter 4|19 pages

Mr Lerner on The Economics of Control

chapter 6|12 pages

Degrees of Competitive Speculation

chapter 8|6 pages

Little's Critique of Welfare Economics

chapter 9|49 pages

The Theory of Indicative Planning

chapter 14|38 pages

Different Forms of Share Economy1

part II|124 pages


part III|25 pages

Growth and Development

chapter 23|9 pages

The Rate of Profit in a Growing Economy

chapter 24|4 pages

The Rate of Profit in a Growing Economy