This fascinating collection presents industrialization as a total historical process involving the destruction of one world simultaneously with the creation of another. Divided into two sections, it deals with elements of life such as the organization of labour, the health of the nation, rural and industrial societies, and poverty. The first section (The Expanding Economy) outlines the process by which economic growth took place and the second (The Social Impact) shows the impact this growth had on the society which both promoted and resisted it.

part 1|86 pages

The Expanding Economy

chapter 1|12 pages

The Process of Economic Growth

chapter 2|8 pages


chapter 3|9 pages


chapter 4|15 pages


chapter 5|12 pages


chapter 6|28 pages

The Growth of Industry


part 2|99 pages

The Social Impact

chapter 7|24 pages

The Labour Force

chapter 8|18 pages

The Organisation of Labour

chapter 9|11 pages

The Health of the Nation

chapter 10|11 pages

Rural Society

chapter 11|12 pages

Industrial Society

chapter 12|15 pages

The Problem of Poverty

chapter 13|6 pages

The Reality of Progress