Originally published in 1927 this volume includes an economic history of Rome from the origins to the Empire, with four illustrations and six maps. It is the fourth volume to appear in a section on ancient Rome. A period of nearly 1200 years is covered, tracing the economic life of Rome from the age of primitive industry and pastoral life to the organised labour and complex civilisation of the late Empire. The economic aspect of Roman history, neglected though it has been, is in truth the basis of its political, diplomatic, and military history.

chapter |21 pages


part 1|66 pages

From the origins to the punic wars

chapter 1|2 pages

Primitive rome

chapter 2|3 pages

The conquest of the italian peninsula

chapter 3|5 pages

The growth of political rights

chapter 4|3 pages

Civil rights

chapter 5|10 pages


chapter 6|3 pages

The artisans and the first guilds

chapter 7|7 pages

Primitive agriculture

chapter 8|3 pages

The first agrarian laws

chapter 9|3 pages

The first colonies

chapter 10|2 pages

The problem of food supplies

chapter 11|6 pages

First steps in industrial development

chapter 12|6 pages

The beginnings of trade

chapter 13|3 pages


chapter 14|5 pages

The use of money

chapter 15|4 pages

Credit and interest

part 2|123 pages

From the punic wars to the empire

chapter 1|8 pages

Territorial expansion

chapter 2|4 pages

Density of population

chapter 3|8 pages

The civil wars

chapter 4|9 pages

Public and private law

chapter 5|4 pages

The growth of public wealth

chapter 6|5 pages


chapter 7|16 pages

The growth of the slave system

chapter 8|5 pages

The free artisans

chapter 9|5 pages

Rome as a capital

chapter 10|5 pages

The food supply

chapter 11|17 pages

Agricultural development

chapter 12|5 pages

Mineral resources

chapter 13|8 pages


chapter 14|8 pages


chapter 15|4 pages


chapter 16|3 pages


chapter 17|2 pages

The development of the monetary system

chapter 18|3 pages

Usury and debts

part 3|110 pages

The empire

chapter 1|3 pages

The wars abroad

chapter 2|5 pages

Domestic disturbances

chapter 3|3 pages

The population

chapter 4|5 pages

The imperial institutions

chapter 5|3 pages


chapter 6|4 pages

The capitals

chapter 7|11 pages

The decline of slavery

chapter 8|6 pages

The colony system

chapter 9|9 pages

The artisan class and the guilds

chapter 10|7 pages


chapter 11|7 pages


chapter 12|9 pages

Industry and manufacture

chapter 13|8 pages


chapter 14|4 pages

Sea routes

chapter 15|4 pages


chapter 16|7 pages

Road traffic and public works

chapter 17|6 pages

The monetary crises

chapter 18|4 pages

The barbarians