"'Irmgard Bartenieff has a profound knowledge of the human body and how it moves. I am delighted that this will now be made available to many more people.'." -- George Balanchine of Director, New York City Ballet
"'Irmgard Bartenieff's pioneering work in the multiple applications of Labananalysis has had a transforming influence on many areas of movement training. Her careful and detailed development of the spatial principles into active corrective work has illuminated and altered the training of people as varied as dancers, choreographers, physical therapists, movement and dance therapists, and psychotherapists. Anthropologists and non-verbal communication researchers have found their world view necessarily altered by her fundamental innovations. The field of body/mind work will need to adapt to include her clear working through of basic principles.'." -- Kayla Kazahn Zalk of President, American Dance Guild

chapter |16 pages

Activate and Motivate

chapter |6 pages

The Body Architecture

chapter |26 pages

Carving Shapes in Space

chapter |20 pages

Inner Impulses to Move

chapter |14 pages

Rhythm and Phrasing

chapter |18 pages

Affinities of Body, Space and Effort

chapter |26 pages

Tensions and Countertensions

chapter |14 pages

Group Interaction

chapter |24 pages

Dance Therapy

chapter |16 pages

Ethnic Studies

chapter |34 pages

Additional Applications