First Published in 1983. Social problems have assumed a growing importance in France, as in all developed countries, especially since the end of the last century. While traditional early nineteenth century liberalism denied the existence of social problems as such, believing the greatest possible economic freedom to be the sole solution to all evils, the emphasis is still placed more and more insistently on the need for a definite and concerted welfare effort, to increase the material well-being of individuals and families. Since the second edition of this book was published in 1962, legislation and welfare services, and social reality itself have changed as much through circumstances as through political and economic evolution. It follows that the present edition of this book is, in fact, an almost wholly new book. It attempts to present a comprehensive view of French social life, drawing attention especially to welfare services and legislation as they are at the beginning of 1979.

chapter Chapter 1|49 pages

The Population of France in 1978 1

chapter Chapter 3|93 pages

The Means of Preventing and Fighting Illness

chapter Chapter 5|43 pages

The Family and the French Family Policy 1

chapter Chapter 6|98 pages

Motherhood, Childhood and Youth 1

chapter Chapter 7|127 pages

People and Work 1

chapter Chapter 8|50 pages

Social Life 1

chapter Chapter 11|24 pages

Aliens Living in France 1

chapter Chapter 12|25 pages

Social Work 1

chapter Chapter 13|29 pages

The Nation's social budget 1