Looking In Depth At The Main Issues Of Emotional And Behavioural difficulties of 7-11 year olds, this book draws on recent study material and projects to suggest practical ways of dealing with such difficulties in schools, and to give a clearer understanding of the problems posed by children with EBDs. Key topics covered include educating children with Emotional And Behavioural Difficulties Ebds In Mainstream And Special schools, disruptive behaviour and bullying, withdrawal, anxiety and depression, identification and assessment and how schools, parents and others can help.

chapter Chapter 1|15 pages


part Part I|37 pages

Discovering and Understanding Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBDs) in Middle Childhood

part Part II|51 pages

Helping Children with EBDs

chapter Chapter 4|16 pages

How Schools can Help

chapter Chapter 5|16 pages

How Teachers can Help

chapter Chapter 6|17 pages

How Parents and Others can Help

part Part III|28 pages

Educating Children with EBDs

chapter Chapter 7|12 pages


chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

In Special Provision

part Part IV|62 pages

Specific Behavioural Difficulties

chapter Chapter 9|17 pages

Disruptive Pupils

chapter Chapter 10|18 pages

Bullies and Victims

chapter Chapter 11|16 pages

Withdrawal, Anxiety and Depression

chapter Chapter 12|9 pages