Providing access to virtually any subject related to music and musicians in Canada, more than 900 annotated entries are organized under 13 topics, and indexed by author, subject, and title. Background and supplementary information and suggestions for research are presented in introductory essays. The material covered reflects the broad spectrum of music in Canadian society including historical, analytical, and biographical studies of music derived from the European tradition, First Nations and Inuit music, jazz and popular works, folk and ethnic music, education, research and bibliographical materials. The reader is also directed to some important on-line resources.
Musical activity in Canada has developed remarkably in the past 50 years, with a parallel growth of musical scholarship examining historical, social, and ethnological aspects of Canadian musical life. This Guide is the first to draw comprehensively on the wealth of studies now available, which are often dispersed and not easily located. Consequently, this information is invaluable to students and researchers interested in Canadian music, the music of North America, and Canadian studies. Index.

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Catalogues and Directories

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History and Criticism

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Native Music

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Folk and Ethnic Music

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Popular Music and Jazz

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