This book is the first extensive guide to the life, music, and writings of Carlos Ch vez (1899-1978), Mexico's most influential musician of the 20th century. The chapter on biography also presents a characterization of his compositional styles. This work provides a comprehensive listing of Ch vez's compositions and arrangements by genre and performance medium, and reviews the composer's own abundant writings on a broad range of musical subjects. Subsequent chapters address other authors' writings about his multi-faceted career as composer, conductor, teacher, and arts administrator that contributed to his international reputation. A chapter on Research Aids includes annotations of pertinent general reference works, catalogs, and collections of letters that will assist both the general reader and the music specialist.
Introductory narratives illuminate the bibliographic entries in each section, and cross references facilitate access to literature that extends beyond a single relevant topic. The book includes three indexes, which cover compositions and arrangements, authors and titles, and subjects.

chapter I|16 pages

A Life's Work1

chapter III|17 pages

Prose Writings

chapter IV|15 pages

Biographical Sources

chapter V|34 pages

Monographs: Composition

chapter VI|20 pages

Monographs: Allied Pursuits

chapter VII|13 pages

Research Aids