In full colour, Origins of Arabia describes the first origins and subsequent adventures of the Arabian peninsula, taking the story right up to recent times. It offers a basic explanation of some of the geological principles and forces behind these changes, and weaves in the fossil record and the changing climate in building up the picture of the area. As the story reaches more recent times, the arrival of man and his relation with the rocks, the water resources and the useful minerals of the land are described. Much has been compressed into a small volume. The tale is told as a chronology and written for the intelligent layman. Contents include: Arabian Origins; Building on the Shield; Collision with Asia; Man upon the Scene; From Stone to Bronze; Coast to Coast; Index and Bibliography.

chapter |1 pages


chapter One|14 pages

Arabian Origins

chapter Two|20 pages

Building on the Shield

chapter Three|18 pages

Collision with Asia

chapter Four|12 pages

Man upon the Scene

chapter Five|22 pages

From Stone to Bronze

chapter Six|12 pages

Coast to Coast