Agriculture Pollutes: pesticides can destroy wildlife and some are toxic to humans; some fungicides and herbicides cause cancer. Nitrates result in the contamination of drinking water and produce the risk of the �blue-baby� syndrome in infants and of stomach cancer in adults. Agriculture produces methane, ammonia, nitrous oxide and the products of burning off, all of which add to the world's problems of acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer and global warming. This book, which focuses on the UK, the USA and Third World countries, is the first comprehensive review of agriculture and pollution: it examines the facts and assesses the relative dangers of each pollution problem. It also considers the effects of pollution on agriculture itself � crop yields are depressed and livestock damaged by various forms of pollution from all sources. The authors offer solutions to these apparently overwhelming problems, and describe existing technology which would allow us to deal with them. Originally published in 1991

chapter 01|16 pages

Introduction to Agriculture and Pollution

chapter 02|76 pages

Pesticides and the Environment

chapter 03|64 pages

Pesticides and Human Health

chapter 04|68 pages

Fertilizers and the Environment

chapter 05|47 pages

Fertilizers and Health

chapter 06|49 pages

Farm Wastes

chapter 07|49 pages

Agriculture as a Global Polluter

chapter 08|75 pages

The Impact of Air Pollution on Agriculture

chapter 10|50 pages

The Control of Pollution

chapter 11|82 pages

Agriculture Without Pollution