Mathematics at all levels is about the joy in the discovery; it's about finding things out. This fascinating book is a guide to that discovery process, presenting ideas for practical classroom-based experiments and extension activities. Each experiment is based on the work of a key mathematician who has shaped the way that the subject looks today, and there are historical notes to help teachers bring this work to life.

The book includes instructions on how to recreate the experiments using practical mathematics, computer programs and graphical calculators; ideas for follow-up work; background information for teachers on the mathematics involved; and links to the new secondary numeracy strategy framework.

Accompanying the book are downloadable resources with computer programs that can be used and reworked as part of the experimental process. With a wide range of topics covered, and plenty of scope for interesting follow-up activities, the book will be a valuable tool for mathematics teachers looking to extend the curriculum.

chapter A|6 pages

Algebra and Descartes

chapter B|4 pages

Buffon, Probability and Pi

chapter C|4 pages

Cryptology and Ciphers

chapter D|5 pages

Dragon Curve

chapter E|5 pages

Euler and Polyhedra

chapter F|5 pages

Feigenbaum Number

chapter H|4 pages

Hanoi Towers

chapter I|6 pages

Integers and Lagrange

chapter J|7 pages

Jordan, Barnsley, Matrices and Ferns

chapter K|5 pages

Kissing Circles

chapter L|6 pages

Life and John Conway

chapter M|5 pages

Million Dollar Prizes and Prime Numbers

chapter N|5 pages

Newton and Gravity

chapter O|4 pages

Odd, Even and Fibonacci Numbers

chapter P|6 pages

Pi or π

chapter Q|5 pages

Quadratics and Juggling

chapter R|3 pages


chapter S|4 pages

Squares that are Magic

chapter T|5 pages

Taylor Series in Your Calculator

chapter U|5 pages

Universes, Time Travel and Einstein

chapter V|5 pages

Von Neumann and Computers

chapter Y|6 pages

Yo-yos, Superballs and Other Toys

chapter Z|6 pages

Zoo Time with Tigers and Sea Shells