Public concern for the conservation of natural resources and a general awareness of the environmental consequences of waste disposal is reflected in current legislation aimed at reducing waste. Recycling is commonly cited as one of the preferred methods of waste reduction and this book summarizes a recent study of paper recycling in Europe, which investigated the entire production and disposal process using a life-cycle methodology. The results of the study underline the economic and environmental advantages of paper recycling, but more controversially, they also show how, under certain conditions, the renewable character and the high energy content of paper seem to make energy recovery more attractive than recycling.

chapter |7 pages

Background, Objectives, and Methodology

chapter |3 pages

Recycling Scenarios and Impacts Studied

chapter |17 pages

Paper-Recycling System

chapter |27 pages

Scenario Results

chapter |5 pages

Wood Balances

chapter |6 pages

Sensitivity Considerations

chapter |5 pages

Policy Implications