Worldwide, urbanization is steadily increasing, yet many modern cities are becoming less and less able to accommodate the growth in their population. Congestion, pollution, low-quality housing, social fragmentation, noise, crime and inadequate social services all contribute to a declining quality of urban life. Planners and policy makers are battling to alleviate the problems with a variety of urban renewal initiatives, and energy-environmental policies have become central to their quest for urban sustainability. Sustainable Cities in Europe gives a comprehensive introduction to the available urban energy and environmental policies. Drawing on a detailed analysis of the CITIES programme of the Commission of the European Communities, the book includes detailed case studies of European cities which are devising and implementing alternative strategies for sustainable growth and development. The cities discussed include: Amsterdam, Besancon, Braganca, Cadiz, Dublin, Esch/Alzette, Gent, Mannheim, Newcastle, Odense, Thessaloniki and Turin. The policy discussions and case studies in this book will be invaluable for all those professionally or academically involved in the pressing issue of city planning development. Peter Nijkamp is Professor in Regional, Urban and Environmental Economics at Free University, Amsterdam. Author of numerous books, he is a world authority on environmental economics and urban policy. Adriaan Perrels is head of the research department of the Energy Studies Centre in Petten, The Netherlands. He has worked extensively in the field of energy planning and electricity load management. Originally published in 1994

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Part I Sustainable Cities: Challenge and Potential of Energy and Environmental Policies

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Part II Energy and Urban Environment in Europe: A Comparative Overview of Twelve Cities

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Part III Interpretation and Policy Analysis of the Cities Project